Ratfolk Orc/Draconic Crossblooded Sorcerer 1/Evoker (Transmuter) Seeker Wizard 1


Snik is small humanoid ratfolk, typically dressed in grubby, dirty clothes. He wears a Cap of Human Guise in order to appear as a halfling laborer. He is quiet, studious, and rather knowledgeable. He enjoys working with his hands cobbling together little things, and has aspirations of becoming a great Wizard.

STR 12
DEX 20
CON 15
INT 20
WIS 15
CHA 12

AC 20, Flat 15, Touch 16, CMD 15
(Mage Armor)


Most surface dwellers have never reliably heard of ratfolk, but they’re down there. Typically they avoid coming out in daylight. Some may have claim to have seen one, or evidence of one, but most people usually equate those stories along with the alligators in the sewers.
Life among the ratfolk broke down to two paths, generally. Either you were a thug or cutpurse, venturing into the surface at night, murdering and stealing from the topsiders, or less commonly you could apprentice to one of the alchemical masters and pick up some skill in the arcane arts. Snik wasn’t either of them. Yes, he worked as a runner for the Black Blades (you have to make ends meet) but he was smart enough to see that it was a dead end that way. The powerful potion-crafters were keen to make use of his intellect, but after an accident in the laboratory awakened abilities he seemed to possess, and gave him an affinity for acid…he was deemed too dangerous to teach in an enclosed environment.
There was nowhere suitable left in the tunnels for him. He needed to learn more, but had no willing teachers. He needed more.
Snik managed to convince one of the gang’s heavies, Dark Blood, to front him some money and purchased a magical cap of disguise outright from the Black Blades. The precious caps of human guise allow the ratfolk to ply their skills topside while concealing their nature. It was expensive, but it was the only way out. The vig would be running of course. The vig was always running.
Full of determination and with few coins in his pocket, Snik headed topside. He took on the guise of a Halfling named Leif Bitterroot. The daylight seemed to bother him more than he expected though. At first he sought simple work – gardner, grounds keeping, laborer, but the outside daylight was a constant hindrance and he had trouble concealing the impediment it was causing him. Finally found wok assisting a nearly blind librarian named Gregory at Gravecharge, the cathedral to Pharasma in Leipstadt, and eventually became a convert. Gregory was pleased to have an assistant who was comfortable working by candlelight.
Work didn’t pay well, however, and the vig was mounting. Snik resorted to thieving occasionally in the minor crypts below the Gravecharge to make ends meet. Eventually he learned of the hub-bub over the professor’s past teachings at the University – he brought Arcane instruction to a college dedicated to martial and earthly academic pursuits and was certainly controversial. Snik began a correspondence with the professor and got to know him quite well. Leif seemed to have a keen mind for Arcane pursuits, he wrote, but he wondered, if there was more to it? what was my real motivation? After several weeks of hemming and hawing I was unable to conceal my true nature from him any longer…my lack of knowledge of things natural hardly seemed normal for a halfling, and my issues with bright light hardly seemed normal either. Eventually Snik had to reveal his true nature to him to have any hope of true arcane instruction…and the professor had known all along. My handwriting had given it away!
As reward for my honesty he said he’d try and get “Leif” admitted to the University with the next classes, and give a spell book with the simplest of spells to learn. Snik wrote to thank him, and after that the letters stopped. Eventually he learned of the professor’s passing and invitation to the funeral.


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