Horace Croon

Wild Eyed Inventor


Although he was born in Illmarsh, Horace moved out as soon as he became an adult (obviously quite a long time ago) and became a professor in Caliphas. Where he became friends and colleagues with Professor Lorrimor. He retired after one to many accidents with his new inventions. He returned to Illmarsh but obviously does not regard himself as a member of the community.

Croon has an almost manic look, with red-rimmed, sleep-deprived eyes. He is prone to sudden silences in the middle of speaking as he processes new thoughts, and then abruptly switching
to apparently unrelated topics that suddenly lead him to experience some new insight. Overall he is a friendly sort, especially with people who appear to be interested in his inventions, but is sometimes difficult to follow given his meandering monologues and sudden f lashes of inspiration.

Croon comes to the funeral in a strange horseless carriage that seems to billow out giant clouds of black smoke constantly


Horace Croon

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