Father Vauran Grimburrow

Cleric of Pharasman


The most respected and feared member of the Ravengro Community, Father Grimburrow is the head clergyman of the Pharasman Temple in Ravengro.


Father Grimburrow looks every one of his 79 years of age. He walks slightly hunched over, and smells kinda funny. However, when he gets ‘riled’ up, this old man comes to life with an energy relished by those half his age.

Father Grimburrow skin looks like tanned leather, and for good reason. This life like farmer spent decades out in the sun. After his farm was ransacked by Goblins, and his family killed, Henry decided that, with little left to live for, he’d turn the rest of his life over to the church of Pharasma.

Since he had no ties, he dedicated himself completely to the service and studies. His wisdom earned him the respect of others in the church, but his wit and slight disdain for authority figures made them want to put some distance between him and the main church offices. So, it was decided to have the Father moved out to Ravengro an old prison town, where he would be able to tend to the needs of a small flock with nearly no concern that his actions or words would directly reflect on the church.

Father Vauran Grimburrow

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